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Through PNNL's partnerships with like-minded individuals and organizations, we are able to share STEM resources such as those listed below.

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Materials Science & Technology Teacher Handbook

PNNL and DOE developed a materials science course outline that covers the fundamentals of ceramics, glass, metals, polymers and composites. It combines hands-on activities, demonstrations and long-term student project descriptions. The handbook has been used by teachers across the country and is a resource for the ASM Teacher Materials Camps. Download the handbook here.

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Using a Science Notebook

To think like a scientist, students need to learn to record findings like a scientist. Washington State LASER shows how to introduce science notebooks to students. Check out this site for examples of student work from paper and electronic notebooks, Frequently Asked Questions about using science notebooks, and examples of entries from PNNL scientists and engineers.

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Videos, Games & More

Need some STEM help in the classroom? The Mid-Columbia STEM Education Collaboratory provides online links for classroom-tested resources. There are dozens of engaging lesson plans including videos, design challenges, robot instructions and games.

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