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STEM Education

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) are essential to PNNL's success. We depend on STEM expertise in our staff today – and tomorrow in our future workforce. To help ensure PNNL, the Department of Energy and the entire nation have skilled and diverse STEM-educated workers, PNNL is working to advance STEM education and the public's access to it.

PNNL's leadership and efforts to advance STEM education are guided by four overarching principles:

  • Inform STEM educational programs that provide the knowledge and context needed for real-world scientific work by sharing our expertise as a national scientific research institution.
  • Promote STEM literacy for all – not just for every student, but also for families, teachers and communities – so Americans can make informed decisions about important issues that are affected by science and technology.
  • Ensure students from diverse backgrounds – all races, genders, economic situations, etc. – have access to quality STEM education from a very early age.
  • Make STEM education more equitable by providing all students the ability to engage in it, despite obstacles such as lack of transportation or funds that often block diverse student involvement.

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